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Professional installation, servicing and repair services.

Air Conditioning Services

For air conditioning services in Swansea and across South Wales, please get in touch with our specialist team today. We can install, service and repair a wide range of air con units from all the leading manufacturers including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and many more. We are also F-Gas registered with REFCOM, so you can rely on us for expert results.

Contact us for further details or to book a visit to your property.

Daikin Air Conditioning Units South Wales
Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Units South Wales
Refcom Air Conditioning Units South Wales

Air Con Installations

We can provide professional air con installations to help keep your home or business premises comfortable all year round. These units offer both heating and cooling, while also purifying the air by catching dust particles and naturalising bacteria. We can help you choose the most suitable model for your space, whether it be an indoor or outdoor unit:

Indoor Units

Indoor units can be installed throughout a property in desired rooms.

Air Conditioning Installations South Wales Indoor Unit

Outdoor Units

Outdoor units are often installed at ground level, however they can also be fitted on walls, roofs and balconies.

Air Conditioning Installations South Wales Outdoor Unit
Air Conditioning Units Service South Wales

Air Con Servicing & Maintenance

Is your unit failing to produce cold air? Or making more noise than normal? You may need to book air con servicing and maintenance with the team here at Warmserve Services Ltd. A service will ensure that your AC is running as it should, safely and efficiently.


There are a number of benefits of air conditioning. These units provide both heating and cooling for your property, and they also purify the air for a healthier environment. As well as this, they can help improve the security of your home, as during the warmer months all the windows and doors can remain closed while you enjoy the cooler air produced from your system.

The health and efficiency of your air con unit will depend on how well it is maintained during its lifetime. If your unit is regularly serviced, you can expect it to last between 15 – 20 years.

Even if your system has no noticeable issues, we recommend getting your air conditioning services once a year to ensure it is running correctly.

Call Us For Air Con Services

If you need air con services throughout South Wales, make our experts your first choice. Whether you need us to repair your system or you want to install a replacement unit, we are here to help.

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