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Solar PV

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Solar Panels

We specialise in the installation and maintenance of solar panels on domestic and commercial properties across Swansea and South Wales. If you are thinking of making the switch to solar energy, give our professionals a call today! We offer our customers a first-class service and provide professional installations at competitive prices. Our team only use the best quality panels on the market with lengthy warranties. We can install these systems on older properties as well as new builds, and we extend our services to commercial and agricultural sites.

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Solar PV Installations

More and more homes and businesses across South Wales are opting for renewable energy sources, so why not get in touch with us for solar PV installations? We can help you lower your carbon footprint and help you save money on your energy bills by opting for solar.

By installing these panels on your property, you can use the energy harnessed by the sun and either reduce or stop your reliance on electricity supplied by the national grid. Therefore, you can significantly cut down your energy bills or even go completely off-grid! With our services, we can provide you with advice on the number of panels you require and give you a bespoke design service to ensure they are correctly positioned on your property.

Benefits Of Solar Energy

There are a number of benefits you will enjoy from solar energy, including:

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There are a couple of factors that will determine whether your property is suitable for solar panel installation. Particularly:

  • Space – there needs to be enough space in the loft for the inverter, and there needs to be enough room on the roof surface itself.
  • Structure – depending on the age of your property, we will need to check that your roof is structurally sound to support the panels.
  • Position – panels may not be the most suitable choice for north-facing roofs or for homes that are mostly shaded from the sun.

You will only need to apply for planning permission if the installation exceeds certain heights or if they are being installed on a listed or protected building. We can offer advice on the requirements.

Solar energy can be a big investment, but they offer long-term savings on your energy bills and they protect your home from rising energy prices.

Book Solar Panel Installation Today

Are you wanting to find out more about solar energy? If you are considering booking a solar panel installation for your property, then make our specialist team your first choice. We are a fully accredited team with years of experience installing panels on all property types, so you can rely on us for a quality service.

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