How Does The Plumbing Your Bathroom Work?

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Unless you’re a professional plumber, it’s unlikely that you’ll know exactly how your plumbed appliances work. If you’d like to learn more about bathroom installation and the plumbing involved, take a look at this guide.

Where Does Water Go When You Flush The Toilet?

After a bathroom installation, when you flush the toilet, the contents will drain out and be replaced with fresh water from the cistern. The waste water goes down the pipes and into the sewer below your home. Waste water that ends up in the sewers flows into a treatment plant, where the water is filtered and treated.

If you have a septic tank, then instead of the sewer, your waste will flow to the tank, where it’s processed. Both methods of treatment will filter the water until it’s safe enough to be discharged into a clean body of water.

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Is Toilet Water As Clean As Sink Water?

The answer to this depends a little on which tank your toilet is filled from, just ask your bathroom installation expert. However, both types are not the same as where tap water sourced from. Toilets are run from either grey water tanks or storage tanks. These don’t supply any other device in your home, but the water that flows into those tanks in the first place will probably come from the same source as your taps. We would always recommend getting a glass of water from the tap in any circumstance.

Why Does Sewage End Up In The Sea?

Water companies have had to make some pretty public apologies recently for discharging raw sewage into the UK’s seas. Many people are outraged by this, and rightly so.

The reason that this sewage sometimes goes into the sea is that sewage pipes can become too full. When they’re overwhelmed, the sewage can cause major problems, including backing up. This means that raw sewage could begin to back up into people’s homes. Instead of allowing the sewage to overflow into people’s homes, water treatment companies pump it into the sea. This process is only meant to be used in emergencies, but has become a lot more common in recent years.

Where Does Tap Water Come From?

The UK’s clean water supply comes from many different sources. The exact source of your water will depend on where your home is located. It’s usually from a river, lake or reservoir. That water is collected from the source and treated in one of the UK’s many water treatment plants. The treatment process removes large contaminants and then smaller particles through an extensive filtration process. After that, chlorine is added to the water to disinfect it and make it safe to drink. It’s then sent through the pipes and makes its way to your tap.

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For Bathroom Installation, Call Warmserve

Now that you know how plumbing works, you should ensure any bathroom installation is set up correctly. Whether it’s a brand new fitting, appliance installation or routine maintenance, Warmserve have the service for you. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with a member of our friendly team.


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