The Importance of Regular Boiler Servicing

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Boiler servicing is essential to the heating of your home. It ensures that your home is heated efficiently, effectively, and, above all, safely.

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Regular Boiler Servicing Keeps Your Home Safe

The first and most important reason. Regular servicing could save your life and the lives of everyone in your home.

Complete Combustion

A properly functioning boiler that runs on gas will burn that gas in what is called ‘complete combustion’. It will supply the flame with the proper amount of oxygen so that your heating system can run optimally.

Incomplete Combustion

Damage or wear without servicing may begin to break your boiler down. This breakdown does not always mean the device stops working entirely. Instead, it may stop burning gas cleanly. This is what we refer to as ‘incomplete combustion.

Incomplete combustion is deadly. The lack of oxygen in the burning process produces carbon monoxide. This gas is odourless, colourless and can kill in minutes.  

For the safety of everyone in your home, make sure to service your boiler regularly.

Save Money On Energy Bills

Often enough, damages and wear do not mean that it will cease to function. Instead, it will work less efficiently, taking more time and energy to heat your home. When resulting from wear, rather than sudden accidental damage, this issue emerges so slowly that it’s almost unnoticeable. What this means is that you could be living in a home that is costing you more to heat for lesser results.

Regular servicing solves this issue. Professional heating engineers will spot these issues and make sure you are aware of them. Repairs and/or maintenance can be carried out and your heating can continue to operate at peak efficiency.

With the rise in the UK’s domestic energy prices, it’s important to be aware of how much we spend on energy. Make sure that you aren’t paying more than you need to by choosing regular servicing.

Regular Boiler Servicing Catches Problems Early

Regular servicing ensures that everything is working properly. However, when there are issues, they can be caught quickly and in their earliest stages. This allows you to act fast and repair quickly before the problem develops. In turn, this means that you will end up spending less money on repairs or even replacements.

Better Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies require homeowners to have their boilers serviced regularly for home insurance. Even when they don’t, servicing helps them offer lower premiums and makes them more willing to pay out when needs must. It’s a sign of a responsible homeowner, and a responsible homeowner is less likely to need to make a claim. The less likely it is you will need to make a claim, the cheaper your premiums.

It Is A Legal Requirement For Landlords

For landlords, it is not a matter of ‘should’. Under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, all landlords are required by UK law to have their boilers serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer.  

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At Warmserve, we offer high-quality and cost-effective boiler servicing. Our technicians are qualified, experienced, and Gas Safe registered. We ensure that your heating system is working efficiently, effectively, and, above all, safely.

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